Commit to nurturing your staff's 
mental & physical health

Is your staff:

  • Facing burnout?
  • Experiencing anxiety and stress?
  • Struggling with work-life balance?
  • Overwhelmed with managing their workload?
  • Short-tempered with students and parents?
  • Needing to cultivate healthy dialogue between staff and administration?

This could be your school:

  • Calm, creative teachers flourish.
  • Anxiety and stress are minimal.
  • Teachers’ mental and physical health is optimal.
  • Teachers’ workload is manageable. 
  • Students and parents feel safe and supported.
  • Open, healthy dialogue exists between staff and administration.

Even in the most challenging of times, your staff can make a commitment to creating a life that fosters mental and physical health.

two birds flying one direction and one flying in the other

Session 1: Shifting Perspectives

  • Rethinking the way we look at self-care.
  • Rethinking teaching during COVID and identifying ‘Gravity Problems’.
  • Considering student impact and our core competencies.
bird holding a worm

Session 2: Looking Inward

  • Identifying our own wellness needs.
  • Prioritizing our health: know the ‘why’ behind our wellness.
  • Understanding that our wellness time is a ‘thing.’
two birds on a branch

Session 3: Mental & Physical Health

  • Creating a sheltered work/wellness schedule.
  • Getting our family and our employer involved in our wellness journey.
  • Asking for help and removing things from your plate.
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Session 4: Moving Forward

  • Advocating for your wellness and your community’s wellness.
  • Identifying the core needs of staff and students.
  • Reimagining your identity as a teacher.
  • Creating a school culture of wellness.

This package includes:

  • An initial staff survey in order for Lisa to obtain a detailed understanding of the individuals needs and goals of your teachers.
  • Four virtual sessions, 25 minutes each. These sessions are a combination of delivery of research and lived experience while providing interactive opportunities for teachers.
  • 10 minutes at the end of each session for Q and A.
  • Extension opportunities for your staff to focus their wellness plan.

Size: up to 16 staff members
Pricing: $1200 CAD

  • Access to, “5 Journaling Activities to Shift Your Mindset”.

Curious? Drop me a note.

Lisa always leaves me with something I can use immediately, which I appreciate so much. And she gets it! She speaks from a place of experience with warmth, compassion and humour.
Melissa Thompson
My perspective on wellness is forever changed. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing the why and how of teacher wellness.
Jessica Kowbel