City Hall

A Dr. Ada Logan Mystery

PROFESSOR ADA LOGAN is wrestling with her new role as a mother.

PILAR, her mother-in-law, arrives to help, trading southern Spain for Calgary in the middle of winter.

A RISING POLITICIAN is found dead in his basement.

When Calgary’s mayor orders the lead detective to back down from the investigation, Ada and Pilar step in. Sometimes collaborating, often clashing, the two women search to find the truth and, in the process, uncover a complex web of corruption guarded tightly by the patriarchal leaders of the city.

There’s plot-twisting, nail-biting suspense held in these pages, where Ada and Pilar may become the unlikely heroines of the whole city.

Lisa Bush’s imagined Calgary feels at once familiar and fantastical—the perfect setting for a mystery in which nothing is exactly as it seems.