Lisa Bush

writer, educator, and storyteller

Lisa Bush is an American Canadian writer, educator, and storyteller. Her work is based on the belief that stories have the power to connect, heal, disrupt, challenge, and ultimately transform ourselves and the world around us. Lisa is the creator, producer and the host of Stories Within Us, a podcast that features conversations with writers, poets, educators, activists, artists, and researchers whose work is challenging how we view ourselves and each other.

Lisa has worked in education for over 16 years both in the US and in Canada in the roles of teacher, curriculum consultant, and school administrator. She’s presented locally and internationally on fine arts, language arts, language acquisition, gifted education, and teacher wellness. Lisa received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Colorado State University and a master’s in art education from the University of Georgia with emphasis in language acquisition. 

She is the author of Teaching Well: How healthy, empowered teachers lead to thriving, successful classrooms as well as City Hall: A Dr. Ada Logan Mystery. She is the recipient of the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association Amber Bowerman prize for emerging writer. Lisa’s work, both in fiction and non-fiction, explores the paradox that exists for women navigating careers in systems that were often not created by women or with women’s wellbeing and success in mind.

Lisa lives and Works in Calgary, Alberta where she is writing, podcasting, and working to create change—both in her family and her community—one story at a time.